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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy as a Bee!

Well the time is surely ticking!! I now report to the MTC to prepare to go to my wonderful mission at Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah in less than 6 short days. How weird is that? I feel like it was just yesterday when I decided to go on a mission!
Anxiously awaiting the opening of my call! April 26, 2013

Speaking of that, I feel like everyone has their cute little story of when they decided they should serve a mission. I am going to share mine!!

So the Saturday morning session rolls around for the October 2012 General Conference, and me along with a few of my friends from the hall decided to watch it in the main gathering area in the building of our dorm room. The majority of girls in there were total strangers, with the exception of my friends. As we all sat down, I'm sure we were all expecting the same thing: a straight-forward talk by President Holland, a very thick accent from an apostle we haven't heard of, many hymns sung by Mo-Tab (but beautifully done of course!), as well as a plane reference by Uchtdorf.

Boy. Were we ever so wrong!!! I mean, yeah, we saw all those things, but the 1st presidency was not messin' around. They caught us off guard from the start!
After the announcement was made regarding the age change of elder missionaries from 19 to 18 and sister missionaries from 21 to 19, all the girls I was watching this (half strangers half friends) with starting bawling (no surprise, right??). We all suddenly wanted to go on missions and thought this announcement was the coolest thing ever since the creation of cheesecake! Immediately following this session, I called my parents. When my mom picked up the phone, I told her, "Mom. I think I'm going on a mission."
"No, don't say you think. Say you know!"
Sorry this photo is bad quality! A few of us right after the 1st session of General Conference!

It was true. I did know ever since that moment! And now I'm here hurrying around trying to prepare everything! I must say though, it's always so fun having super spontaneous life-changing moments!

Speaking of those moments, another one of those was Disney World!!

(Left: One of my roommates and I at our graduation for our
Disney Internship. Right: A few of my friends from Main Entrance!
They are from many different places such as Mexico, Canada, Singapore,
and France!)

So the past 3 months, I have been working at the main entrance of Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World! It has been sooo much fun. I feel like a little kid when I'm down here! But at the same time, we all worked very hard and got along great! I made so many wonderful friends(: I am going to miss them so much!

My job consisted of working at the turnstiles and touch point systems that were just installed this past February. I basically admitted and denied people from coming into the park.

Roommates and I at Epcot
A few things I have learned:

  1. Little boys should never wear capris
  2. If you're happy, others are happy too!
  3. British children have the cutest accents, even when they are being fussy
  4. Little girls wearing birthday buttons expect you to say "Happy Birthday, Princess" to them
  5. Make sure you know FOR CERTAIN if you're talking to a man or woman before you use formal titles such as 'Ma'am' or 'Sir,' or else you'll be pulling a, "Yep, Sir over there!"
  6. Children are people too, and deserve to be treated with the same respect and given the same attention as adults(:
  7. Yes, the 3 o' clock parade starts at 3 o'clock
  8. I had the best job in the world getting to watch fireworks every night at 10 o'clock
Even with the sillier things thrown in there, I have definitely learned what great customer service is!

Bear with me, I need to catch up on my past 3 months! Almost finished though!

So I went to my sister's wedding, and it was great! Aubrey was such a beautiful bride, and her and Jordan are such an adorable couple!
My sister Marilyn, me, and my brother Danny

Bridal party

The happy couple!
That same weekend, my sister and I also got our endowments out! What a special time!! I love the temple!!
Since the last week in July, I've gone through 4 times! Yay!

In that same weekend, guess where I went?? To my mission!! Temple Square! I got to talk to quite a few sister missionaries serving there, and they are all the sweetest. I hear the work is hard and you are on the Square for basically the whole day, but it is worth it. I cannot wait to go!
Sister Briggs and I
This is a picture of one of Aubrey's (one of my sisters) good friends, Sister Kesley Briggs. It was a pleasure meeting her, and I'm so excited to see her on the Square!

So last but not least, my brother Jeremy is out serving a mission right now in Comayaguela Honduras (Did I spell that right??). I am so proud of him! He comes home April 2014. It'll be pretty weird to be out the same time as my brother because I never thought I'd be serving a mission just 10 months ago. But I think it'll be super fun to write him and hear about his exciting adventures! Can you spot which one is him??(:

Well that's all for now! Please stay in touch, and make sure to write me letters/send me emails! I'll be sure to try and write you back. My address will be updated on the right-hand side of my blog for each time I transfer, so make sure to follow along!

With love,

Angelique Steenhoek

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