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Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas on Temple Square 2014

Mostafa is SO great!! Two days ago, he took the initiative to ride the bus to church just 
to take a look at it. He walked in, and no one was there. He found a Gospel Principles 
book and read it for 2 hours in the church building. For my DC North friends, this was 
at the Chevy Chase Chapel. Well we called him last night on Christmas, and we 
started teaching the Plan of Salvation. We asked him what he knew about the 
Pre-Earth life, and he told us all about it from what he had learned in the Gospel 
Principles book! Incredible!! He is loving the Book of Mormon as well. He is starting
his conversion process. He told us he knew it was a sin that he hadn't been to 
church the past 3 weeks, and he wants to repent and go this Sunday.

So Temple Square is a blessing for many reasons. But one reason is that sisters are 
in such a close proximity from one another. I taught an English class for 4 international 
sisters the other day, and it was so fun! We are going to have a combined language 
study from now on.

We had a white Christmas! Pictures attached!

So we saw this guy was walking his leashed cat around Temple Square 
showing him the Christmas lights. Get this: He was living across the street 
from Adam-Ondi-Ahman at the time, and one stormy night he was bringing 
groceries into his house when this stray cat ran in! He has kept him ever 

A few nights ago, we walked by this guy that had a big art folder. For those of 
you who know me, you know I love art. We asked why he was here, and he told 
us to serve others! Don gave us 2 of his drawings of Joseph Smith and also of 
the Christus Statue. We are going to call his wife in a few weeks and teach her 
more about her divine nature. She has been in and out of the hospital for weeks, 
and her self-esteem is quite low because of her poor health and the way she 
looks because of her health.

We had a Christmas Devotional yesterday, and my favorite part was the recitation 
of the Living Christ at the end. Our mission president recited the first 2 paragraphs 
at the start, but then random sister missionaries in the audience would stand up 
one-by-one and each recite a paragraph. The Spirit in the room was tangible. If 
you haven't read the Living Christ document, here is a link to read it:

We met a family that came to Salt Lake for Christmas to give service to a hospital 
instead of celebrating with presents. How beautiful!

I was able to call home! So fun that the family is almost all together again.
For Christmas, we were also able to attend Music and the Spoken Word this 
past Sunday! It was just beautiful listening to the Choir sing the traditional 
Christmas Hymns.

We met this bagpipe guy that plays LDS hymns right outside Temple Square. He is 
so cool! He is a member. He learned a few years ago that he has Scottish ancestry 
and decided to learn to play the pipes 5 years ago.

I want to end my weekly email with a few quotes that really touched me this week:

~"When we deny our ability to change, we are denying the atonement."
~"Learning is taking a step closer to Jesus Christ." (Repentance=A Change of 
thoughts, habits, and actions)
~"We are endowed to be healers."

Love you all! Merry Christmas!

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