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Friday, December 6, 2013

December at Temple Square

Snow at Temple Square

Angie and Sister Park

So, this week has been pretty crazy. The fleet end is just endless. But on the bright side, we got 3 new cars and traded in 3 older ones. And guess what their names are?? (Sister Park and I named them ourselves) Tenderheart is our medical car (the main bear on Care Bears, so cute!), and then Flounder and Mufasa are our other 2 new cars. We take pride in our car names.

I saw quite a few people I knew this week for the lights! I saw Garrett Hall's mom from Texas.  I saw Eric Pearson and his family, Melody Chow (a good friend last fall semester at BYU), and Paige Peterson. I also heard that Heather Bown was looking for me, as well as Laura Johansen, who should be reporting on her mission to the SLC South mission, meaning she'll be able to take some of her investigators here to Temple Square!  So great to see everyone.

Well, if fleet isn't keeping us busy, our investigators sure are! Jacqui is doing so well. We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation with her, but she is wondering about prophets. We sent her 2 beautiful talks by President Monson, and we think her outlook will definitely change. Funny story time: We have a new investigator who lives in Glasgow, Scotland named Heather. She had such a thick accent. On our first phone call with her, she had asked us where the nearest "church hall" was to her. Both Sister Park and I hadn't a clue what she said, but Sister Park started explaining what our church believes Hell is like. I was glad she couldn't really understand us either because it was a funny misunderstanding of words.

So this week is definitely the most busy week in terms of lessons throughout my whole mission! It is a good but sad problem to have of like you have almost too many investigators and less-active to teach. We are trying to do our best keeping up with all of them!

My companion and I work so well together. We just laugh all. Day. Long. It definitely helps with the craziness going on in our lives! We are so supportive of each other, and we are even the same when it comes to being okay with the seemingly super big stressful things, but stressing about the little things, such as figuring out what we're going to wear or eat that day.

Overall, things are just going so well! My favorite question to ask people on the square is, "If Jesus were here right now, what gift would you give him for Christmas?"

I would love to hear from all of you! Send me your favorite scripture/lots of your favorite scriptures. I always love hearing of uplifting ones to share with everyone I come in contact with. Have a wonderful week, and remember John 16:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."


Sister Steenhoek

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