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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Okay! Lots to say. First off, my investigators are doing well. GOOD NEWS! Our investigator, Jacqui, from England emailed us a few days ago and said She has a rough baptismal date for December 28th!!!! Oh my goodness! My first real baptism! My trainer had one my first week, so I didn't think I could really count that. But I knew she was so prepared. She is ready to receive the truth. The gospel reminds me of one of the grocery store brands of cereal. It's inexpensive and looks appetizing. But when you taste it, you realize it is twice as better than the over-priced cereal! The gospel just gets better and better the more you experience it, and I am so glad Jacqui will get to experience it more.
We also have a wonderful investigator named Sarah Ray, the 72 year old who lives in SLC. We have only talked with her on the phone, but we LOVE her! She is so hilarious and I can tell she enjoys our lighthearted conversations. She is quite interested in the values of Mormons, as well as getting into the temple. Last night we talked with her about the steps to be able to enter the house of the Lord, which included baptism, and she seems quite interested. She thinks the architecture is simply stunning, but our goal is to help her see that it is more than just a beautiful building, but that it has so much meaning with what is performed inside. She is meeting with Elders for the first time on Temple Square, so we are going to join the lesson and meet her as well this-coming Sunday!
We have another less-active who lives in Salt Lake who we are trying to get on track. We invited him to a wonderful performance called "Savior of the World", which occurs in the Conference Center. The tickets have to be purchased and are actually all sold out, but we as missionaries have the special privilege of obtaining tickets for those we teach. We hope this uplifts him and his family!
Something pretty cool: Elder Cook came to our sacrament meeting this past Sunday. Our ward is made up of our Mission Presidency, who presides each week, the senior couples and ushers around Temple Square (the priesthood holders bless and pass the Sacrament), as well as the Temple Square Sisters. Elder Cook and his wife just randomly decided to attend our service. Ya know, just another normal day.
So we had a mission tour this week, which means our Area Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us for quite a few hours. It was Don R. Clark. He is quite a bold man. He told us to stand up if there was someone in our lives who we cared about so much who could use the Gospel. He then told us that Heavenly Father has children (well, all of us) whom he cares about perfectly who need help that are in our reach right now. If we are NOT doing our part to help those precious souls, he will be hesitant to help those who are dear to us. Somethign he also said which really hit me was that Satan does NOT have a P-day. He works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are NOT here to waste time. We need to live in the present and do the very best that we can. The same goes with member missionaries. We are not here to waste time, but to bring others unto Christ. If something isn't going your way and is making you unhappy, focus all of your attention on others, and you will see the light.
Fleet stuff is going good. We are re-doing the fleet bulletin board. We went pro and bought fabric from Joann's and everything. We spent so much time yesterday cutting it to fit our board. When we pinned it up, we realized that there were still a few wrinkles that stuck out like sore thumbs. We went home and grabbed my handy dandy hand-held steamer and started steaming the half-tacked on fabric on our bulletin board. Hey, as long as it turns out good right??
Well I saw Lauren Morris on the Square this past week as well as President Allen, my former stake President in Katy TX. Sorry if I missed ya!

We also were privileged to be able to go to the first presidency Christmas Devotional in the Conference Center. It was phenomenal. We are also lucky to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert this Saturday in the Conf Center as well. I am beyond excited.
Well, friends and family, I hope all is well! Send me your Christmas Cards and emails! I would love to hear from you(:

Sister Steenhoek

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