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Monday, January 13, 2014

Training in fleet is so crazy! I am now the senior companion to my wonderful compy: Sister Davis from St. George Utah. Transfer was stressful sending everyone off to their outbound missions, picking sisters up from their outbound missions, receiving the new sisters, and sending the departing sisters back to their homes. Our day started at 3am, and didn't end until late at night. Both Sister Davis and I sent our companions off to their outbounds! My companion, Sister Park, went to the Louisiana, Baton Rouge mission, and Sister Esquivel, Sister Davis' compy, went to California. They will both be warmer over the winter time that is for sure! Well overall, transfers was crazy, but that was to be expected. We had a few flight delays because of the East coast weather, but what is a mission without some adventure?? In SLC, we had a wonderful snow storm. The roads were scary, and in made me nervous to send any sisters out in the storm, but it had to be done!

My new companion is so great. Sister Davis is a singer just like me, and she also plays the uke! She actually has one here, so that is pretty fun being able to play again. We've only been together for a few days, but I can already tell that we will be working so hard. Amidst another crazy day yesterday, we were able to teach 2 lessons. One of those was an investigator of Sister Davis. He used to worship Satan, but is now a Christian. He definitely still feels the affects of his old practice because of lots of unwelcome visitors. He had a baptismal date, but cancelled. We were talking to him last night, and he was talking about how he is quitting tobacco and is slowly trying to give up alcohol. He told us that he feels God is just waiting for him to do something. *hint hint* I told him: "Austin, God knows you can be so much more. You are an heir of God. You have SO much more potential than this. You know what is right and what you can do to complete his will. But you have to make the choice to receive those blessings that are in store for you." The mission has made me bold. But there is a difference in being bold because you want to, and being bold because God wants you to. Austin has agreed to give up alcohol if we give up sugar for 21 days. Did you know that doing something for 21 days starts a habit?(: We hope this will be a new change for him.
We will be getting a new mission president this coming week. He sounds so nice! I will miss President and Sister Gillette so much.

Well, I hope all is well friends and family! I want to end with a scripture in Alma 60: verse 24 says, "begin to be up and doing." And that is exactly what I want to do. But I want 'to be' and 'to do' for the right purposes. "I seek not for the honor of the world, but for the glory of my God." (Alma 60:36)
Sister Steenhoek

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