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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Transfers at Temple Square are quite busy. If I thought transfers in the past were busy, boy was I sooo wrong. We feel over our heads with all we have to do as fleet this transfer. We are coordinating travel plans for people, getting sisters (50-60 of them) to and from the airport on Wednesday at the right time with our 9 cars, doing our missionary work, as well as Sister Park preparing for her outbound experience! She is leaving to another mission in the US this coming week. I am so excited for her, but I am so sad the she is leaving. I know she will be a wonderful proselyting missionary.
Quite a few stories for this week.
Also, as we were riding the Trax last night (SLC railway system), a man by the name of Michael sat down by us and wanted us to teach him! It was a wonderful opportunity because he had such a strong desire to gain more faith. We received his contact info and are going to meet him on the Square in the near future. The Lord puts people in your path who you personally were meant to talk to.
This past Monday, our mission president allowed us to go to the sealing for my cousin Amber. It was incredible and the Spirit was present. God promises us wonderful blessings if we only do what he asks of us.
The lights on Temple Square have turned off, and it has slowed down quite a bit since last night. As we go to the next transfer, teaching at the Teaching Center on the phones will be a lot more prevalent since the square will be quiet. I am so glad to have fleet next transfer to keep me busy! 

Yesterday, the mission is had a field trip to Provo. We took the Front Runner down to Provo, UT, and had MTC shuttles pick us up and take us to the BYU campus. We were fortunate enough to see the exhibit of paintings by Carl Bloch, a world renowned artist who depicts various events in Christ's life, as well as Franz Schwartz. It was incredible to see the originals in person. Art has such a remarkable place in my heart because of my love for oil painting. We were told that this is the first and probably last time the curators of the museum/castle that it belongs to (located in Denmark) will let the famous works of art leave their sight. They made an exception for the LDS church because of our love for Bloch's depiction of the savior. So the Temple Square sisters were quite lucky to see these pieces! Afterwards, we walked around BYU campus, which was way too weird to be there while on a mission, and then went to a stake center for some lunch.
Just one last thought to end: when you are stressed, maybe even overly stressed at times, focus on others instead of yourself, and God will help you complete everything you need to get done.

Well family and friends, keep up the great missionary work! 

Much love,

Sister Steenhoek

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