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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

20 April, 2014

Temple Square is going well, as always! I think it is a particularly special time to be able to be here during Easter time. The flowers set the PERFECT scene for the Easter season.

Yesterday during Easter Sunday, Sister Cano and I had the opportunity to go to Music and the Spoken Word. It was phenomenal! They sang so many of my favorite songs about our Savior. 
Str. Steenhoek and the fantastic International array of Sisters

Afterwards, we took a tour composed of Jack from the UK, and Zhen from Texas. It was kinda funny because we were about 15 min into our tour, and Zhen asks to join us. Zhen made the tour so much more lively with his questions. We went to the Tabernacle, and I sang, "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet" in the historic building. It really brought the Spirit, especially since listening to a prophet of God was the building's original purpose for being built. We taught the Restoration, and were able to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to both of them. We hope to hear from them again and teach them more!

Antonio is one of our beloved investigators from Mexico. He has a HARD life. Polio, his children don't talk to him, poor circumstances, depression. Yesterday, he was particularly down, and we taught him about being grateful through our trials. The Spirit was so strong, and we were able to help him resolve his concerns. The adversary is working extra hard on him. He was supposed to get baptized this week, but he didn't go to church yesterday because of his emotional state. But the Spirit prompted us to call at the PERFECT time.

Well, this past week, Sister Cano passed off taking tours in Spanish! She has been much needed with the entire world Spanish population visiting Temple Square. When we take tours in Spanish, we teahc together, so I teach in English, and she teaches in Spanish. She tells me how challenging it is translating my English to Spanish. I am so proud of her!(:
Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
Sister Steenhoek

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