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Monday, May 19, 2014

4 May 2014 Post

So this past Sunday just so happened to be the day that Sister Cano and I were assigned to say the opening and closing prayers for Sacrament meeting. So as I am sitting up on the stand ready to give to opening prayer, the counselor conducting the meeting told us that Elder Cook from the Quorum of the 12 apostles was at our meeting with his family today. Quite a scary experience, but still super cool that apostles like to visit our sacrament.

So today, Sister Cano and I took 10-12 Lebanese people on a tour! That tour was probably the most question-filled out of any tour I have given. They were fighting over who could say the next question. It was incredible!  We talked about the Temple and the ordinances performed in the temple, church, our prophet, the church organizations, and the Book of Mormon. SO many hard questions, but it just goes to show that we do not need to be Biblical scholars to be missionaries. We DO need to study our scriptures to the best of our abilities and the Spirit will let us know what to say. Six of them accepted a Book of Mormon, and we are going to continue teaching 5 of those over the phone and email and answer any questions they have about the Book of Mormon. One of them gave us a tourist pamphlet on Lebanon and what there is to see there. He told us he could be our tour guide if we ever decide to visit! I am not sure going to Lebanon is in my plans any time soon, but it's a cool thought!
We have a new investigator named Rudy. Sister Davis and I met Rudy at Walmart my 4th transfer. He had  told us that he has a heart condition, and that he will only live a few more years. He has 2 daughters that were raised Mormon that he is so proud of. He lives in Salt Lake, and we will meet him in person this Friday on Temple Square. We called his daughter, and she said he had met with missionaries before. I really just hope that we will be able to make a difference in his life.
We are having so much success this week! The Spirit is so real and it guides us in our tours and our lessons.
I think a favorite question I have gotten on my mission is: "Sooo... do you live on temple square?" Mind you, this is members and non-members. hahah I need to collect more favorite questions.
Oh, my brother, Jeremy got home off of his mission this past Thursday! That was soo quick!! It is so weird that we switched places. I can't wait to see him and the growth that he's experienced!

Well, love you all!

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  1. Hello sister Angelique, I was just surfing on the web and I found your blog, you have no idea how happy I am now. I was able to finally put a face to one of the voices that changed my life this year. Thank you soooo much for what you are doing. Tons of love.