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Sunday, August 3, 2014

21 July, 2014

Hi friends/family! 

So we had quite a few lessons this week. I'll just tell you about a few. Paula is really progressing. That is our 69 year old investigator with a white mullet.  She painted her little Chihuahua's toe nails pink this past week.

We taught her the restoration, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the word of wisdom this past week. I think the change will be a difficult transition, but she is enjoying learning more from us. She mentioned that she likes coming to our church because we are all so friendly.
I am sure you all have those eternigators, and you RMs know what I'm talking about. The Velasquez family is awesome, but they are having trouble committing. The good thing is that they know this is true. They are just afraid to make the big leap. Leticia, the mom, is so cute. She cut up a watermelon for us when we spontaneously stopped by. There are lots of motherly figures here in the DC area that take care of the missionaries.
We had a hilarious lesson with an investigator named Kevin with our member present, Jim. Jim is this white man, and he is married to a black woman. Kevin is a mid-30s black man. So as we are getting to know Kevin, Jim randomly says, "Brother, it doesn't matter what race we are. I am married to a beautiful Jamaican woman. It don't matter the color of our skin!" Oh Jim. Haha you gotta love the different character in small towns. So because of Jim's randomness, he says, "Brother, I love your earring. When I was just baptized, I was talking to a member who said, 'Jim, your earring is distracting. You should take it out so people won't be distracted when people talk to you.' Your time will come when you feel it's your time to take it out." Those are the times when you bite your tongue thinking, "eye yey yey!!!" But the lesson went very well nonetheless(: 

We were contacting one day, and we came across Clara, who was smoking in her front lawn. She was pretty hesitant to talk with us because she thought we were selling something. I told her, "We're not selling anything. We're giving it away for free!" Clara said, "Nothing is free in life!" We were able to tell her about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible testify of one another. While we were talking, this huge bug hit Clara in the face!!! I felt so bad, but it was sooo funny. I was trying to gain composure off to the side while my companion distracted her. Clara accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and took down the information to our church, which she asked for! We hope to see her again!
Dee is another one of our other investigators. She will be baptized in a few months and is so excited about it. What I love about Dee is that she is so comfortable with herself and doesn't really care what others think of her. She has a whole flock of sisters in the ward that she's made friends with already! 
Well today for pday, we took the metro to the city. We did a LOT of walking. We visited the Lincoln Memorial and then walked all the way to Georgetown! We didn't really know where to go, which is a little unavoidable as a missionary sometimes. Haha we asked a guy for directions back to a metro stop, and after a few seconds of a clueless look he said, "well if you put it in your iPhone you can find it pretty easily." What's an iPhone??
We visited DC cupcakes in Georgetown, and it is a way cute cupcake shop!
We also contacted all of the homeless people we walked by and told them about the DC temple. We got one of their names and numbers (this one had a phone) and the missionaries located in downtown DC will be contacting him!
Isn't it neat to think about that we all have unique talents and abilities that God can use for the building up of the kingdom of god? If we follow his counsel, we will be able to utilize our talents to their full capacity. Who wouldn't want that?

I love you all! Moroni 8:2-3

Sister Steenhoek

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