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Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Strikes √√√ and you're outta here!

Hi family and friends!! So this was quite the week. But to start off,
we had this awesome lesson with a girl named Katie. She's around our
age. We usually teach her with her mom, but it was actually Katie's
parents' anniversary the night we went over. We taught Katie the
restoration, and her reaction was, "it just make sense!" I wish all
investigators were like her haha.
We met a 7th day Adventist named Darcy. Darcy is a 36 year old who is
very excited about life. We told her all about the Book of Mormon, and
she brought it home. The next day, we saw her again! We asked her how
everything is going. She told us that when her mom had seen the copy
of the Book of Mormon (she lives with her mom), her mom made her throw
it away! When she told us that, I think it made my heart start
cracking a little bit. My companion and I were both thinking, "you
could have given it back...!"
On Friday, we went to the visitors center for an all-DC north sister's

Afterwards, Sister Taggart and I went to the temple! It was
my first session at the DC temple, so that was quite the neat
experience! It is always fun to be able to visit temples that are
closest to you.

We went to the DC Nationals baseball game as a mission on Saturday! We
rode the Metro there and back as a district. Not only was our mission
there, but also the DC South mission! There were 300+ missionaries
roaming around. 

It was Soo cool to see! And I think people gained a
better perspective on us as Mormons, to see us out and about-"in the
world but not of the world" (: Also, we won!!!
So we got home at around 12:15, and didn't get in bed until 1am! 

That didn't stop us from waking up at 6:30 still! But man, Sister Taggart
and I were totally slowing down yesterday. We had about 2 hours left
of our day, and we had contacted almost everyone we could think of.
Our bodies were exhausted from a lack of sleep, but we just decided to
go walking to find people. We ended up teaching two lessons, got a bag
full of peaches from an investigator that works at one of the many
local orchards, and got caught in an insane thunder storm! I was
talking with a member on the phone while we were walking back to our
car a few streets away when it starts POURING. I was trying to play it
cool on the phone while getting drenched. But the days feel so much
more fulfilling knowing I did everything I could to make it a
successful missionary day.

I just finished reading "Our Search for Happiness" in my personal
study, and I must say that that is a wonderful book. If you are
wondering the beliefs of our church but are not sure if you want to
approach a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
pick of a copy of that book. I know that the most immense, eternal
happiness in life is found through following the commandments of Jesus
Christ and learning more about our Savior. May we take the time each
day to do so

Much love,

Sister Steenhoek

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