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Monday, October 27, 2014

Notes from 27 October, 2014

So there was a woman at the Christus statue yesterday reading a book. 
We ended up talking to her. I started talking about the temple and how I want to go consistently when I get off my mission. We asked if she had been, and we found out that she had been married, divorced, and still hadn't been to the temple. We committed her to prepare to go. God makes sure everyone has an opportunity at accepting his message, even more than one time.

When we were taking a tour yesterday, a man pulled me aside to ask me about the 12 oxen in the baptismal font of the Salt Lake Temple. I started explaining the temple to him, and he has decided to learn more! He is a Muslim from the states, and his teenage son is a Christian. It will be interesting teaching him for sure!
As we were walking around the desolate grounds while all of our guests were listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert yesterday morning, a member (Ron) came up to us and said he had 2 co-workers who seemed interested in receiving copies of the Book of Mormon. We took all 3 of them to the Christus statue and taught them about faith in Jesus Christ. We now have an appointment to talk with both of them and the member over the phone this week!

The work does NOT end there! Bob, our lovely investigator from Clovis, CA, got baptized and confirmed over the weekend. We called and taught him about callings yesterday, and he wants so badly to use his carpentry skills to serve others in the church.

We took around 4 senior couples that are currently in the MTC about to go to different Visitor's Centers around the country- Mesa Arizona, Temple Square (:, Independence Missouri, and the St. George Visitor's Center. They were watching how we took tours and taught simultaneously, which was a little nerve-racking, but they also brought such an incredible spirit with them! I think those missions are going to be so blessed to have them.

So we have received our assignments for our next transfer. I don't know my companion yet, because she is coming from the MTC!!! I am going to train another sister for my last 2 transfers most likely, and I am so excited to do so. Missionaries that come straight from the missionary training center have such an excitement to learn and to grow. This will be wonderful!

Moroni 8:3.
Sister Steenhoek
PS. I took a picture with all of my Temple Square companions, from the MTC to the present time! Three will be leaving in just a few days, so I had to take this opportunity! The only one I am missing in this picture is my companion from Washington DC, Sister Taggart(:

The Assembly Hall on Temple Square.  Few missionaries every get a picture with all their previous companions.

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