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Friday, November 28, 2014

Notes from Friday, 29 November, 2014 - Lights, Camera and Lots of Action

Thanksgiving was a BLAST yesterday! We went over to the Stake President's house of a stake up in 
Bountiful. The stake president and his wife picked four of us up at Temple Square and took us to 
their lovely home. It is always so nice to be in a home. But before they came, we talked with one of 
our favorite homeless guys, Jack and his teenage son Joey. We actually set up an appointment to 
teach them on Temple Square tomorrow! Jack is in a wheelchair, and he has been reading 2 
chapters in the Book of Mormon since we gave it to him a few weeks ago. 
Well we of course had turkey and pumpkin pie during our Thanksgiving meal. We also watched 
Ephraim's Rescue. I had seen it once before on my mission, but I think I liked it a lot more this 
time! When they were driving us back to Temple Square, they drove us past the Bountiful Temple!! 
It is so beautiful. To make it even better, all of the houses surrounding the temple had big posters 
with scriptures telling the story of Jesus' life. I guess you'll all have to see it one year around 
Christmas time!
We got new pots and pans in every single missionary apartment on Temple Square! Let me just 
say, pots and pans make ALL the difference in cooking.
Sister Chiu and I also watched Mr. Kreuger's Christmas AND Meet the Mormons this week as well! Mr.KC=awesome.
We called up a guy named Mostafa that I met about 6 weeks ago. I had originally set up an 
appointment when I met him, but I didn't call him because I felt that I shouldn't. Well I called and 
taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He asked where he could go to church. When we explained 
that we'd be happy to look up the closest church building to him, he said, "But I actually just 
booked a plane flight to Salt Lake right before you called. Where could I go to church in Salt Lake?" 
What?? Oh my goodness!! He is coming out here to visit his son. He is going to come to our church 
on Sunday and bring his son as well! What he said was, "I don't believe this is a coincidence," and 
I don't think so either. Heavenly Father knows what the right timing is for each of his children.
I am giving my farewell talk on Sunday! Wish me luck!
We went to Scott's baptism this past Saturday!!! Scott was so ready to be baptized. It is neat to be 
a part of one's conversion. I know that Sister Stigsson and I were only agents in the Lord's hands, 
but it is still a pleasure to be such!
Sister Steenhoek
PS the church just came out with a "He is the Gift" campaign, so if you are reading this, go to and watch the 5-minute video. Then share it with all of your friends on 
social media. We want all to be aware of the love their Savior has for them! It is being highly 
advertised here on Temple Square as well(:

"This is not a gratitude of the lips, but of the soul." ~Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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