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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preparation for the Busy Season

November 20, 2013

So I don't think I will ever have a boring week, let alone a boring day here in the mission at Temple Square. I was getting Disney World withdrawals this past week when a few things reminded me of Disney. First off, we have this investigator, Zach, who is living in Oklahoma, but is from Arkansas and Texas as well. He could DEFINITELY narrate for Splash Mountain (all you Disney fans out there should know what I mean). His accent and laugh are just beyond perfect! We called him to follow up on how his baptism went, but he had told us the Elders never picked him up like they had agreed on, so he never got baptized! They never even called back either. So we were wondering what was going on. Sister Thacker and I expressed our disappointment in the situation, but in his Southern accent he replied, "the Holy Ghost told me that I would be baptized, so I am not worried. When the time comes I guess!" Just melts my heart...!

So yesterday at Welfare Square, we had 0 tours. That has never happened since we served there! So we just had many hours of scripture study, which was so fun because we were telling each other our favorite scriptures to mark. Amidst our excitement, a service Elder comes in the visitor's center, and offer's Sister Back one of those green shield CRS rings if she purchases it. She declined since she says she gets them free from the bishop. He turns around and gives the rest of us sisters a CTR ring at no charge, leaving one for her. It was quite funny that he asked her to pay and then gave us all one. It was the sweetest thing ever though! I will miss Welfare Square and the caring nature.

Well this past week, all the sisters got to attend a production in the conference center theater called, Savior of the World. It depicts events leading up to Christ's life, as well as events right after his crucifixion. It was so beautiful and offered a different perspective I had never thought of before about Christ's life, as well as the immense courage of Mary, Joseph, Zacharias, and Elisabeth. 

All the Temple Square Sisters also put on a Musical Fireside of our own the past Tuesday. It was composed of lots of choir numbers, solos, duets, as well as an ensemble. The main purpose of this was to invite others to come unto Christ and to feel the Spirit. The Spirit was so strong. There were may missionaries that attended from the Utah Valley with their investigators, which was a little intimidating, but it turned out great. The entire General Relief Society Presidency attended, as well as a few area 70s. One of our investigators was able to show up. My sister, Aubrey Greene, and my brother-in-law, Jordan Greene, walked in in the middle of my song. I had recognized them after the fireside was over, which was good because I burst into tears. It was refreshing seeing family!

We have an investigator named Sarah who just moved to the Salt Lake City area. HOORAY!!! We are going to meet her here on Temple Square sometime. This will be our first local investigator! We taught her the Plan of Salvation on Sunday over the phone, and she is quite interested. Super funny: Me: "Hi Sarah, how are you doing?" Her:"I'm okay, how are you?" Me:"I am great!" Her: "Sounds like you just took a swig of Vodka or something. No one is that happy!" hahaha We broke it to her that we are able to be perfectly happy without those substances. Something a little funny, Sarah thinks that Sister Thacker and I are one person. We've tried explaining to her that there are 2 of us, but she said, "Bye sweetheart." Just 1. Not 2. But I think she is still going strong for being 72! 

After emailing, we are going on a tour of the main distribution warehouse (not sure what to call it). It is the warehouse that distributed Deseret products to I believe the whole western US. It is 600,000 square feet, with 50,000 square feet of freezer space. They ask us to wear a thick jacket because we will be riding a golf cart through the whole thing, including the freezer. I am soo excited! I've become a welfare fanatic. It's great!

Well that is all, friends and family. The church is so true. The people are not perfect, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is. Never forget it! Remember, we go through trials to come closer to the one who loves us infinitely. Helaman 12:3

Sister Steenhoek

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