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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sister Steenhoek's November 12th post -

So the first presidency has asked the Temple Square mission to put on a musical fireside tonight in the assembly hall for the public to come to, as well as for missionaries in the Valley to bring their investigators to. I am in a small ensemble, as well as a dance number. I'm quite excited! Our mission president let the whole mission sleep in until 8am this morning because we have been having so many early morning meetings and practices these past few weeks. So nice!
We have an investigator named Becky who is the sweetest thing. She wants to get baptized like no other because she wants the power of the Holy Ghost in her life constantly. She texts us every few days asking us to pray for her that her baptismal interview will go through. I think sometimes we take having the power of the Holy Ghost for granted. I think it is important for us to utilize it to its fullest extent, to the purpose that it is used for, which is to bring others unto Christ.
We also have an investigator from Brazil, with whom we talked to this morning, and he is struggling with the idea of having to make so many commitments. He is earnestly looking for the truth, so it is just a matter of helping him to feel the Holy Ghost testify to him. We committed him to go to church for this coming Sunday, but then the phone cut out! I hope he goes....!
Super funny story: So my companion and I were giving a tour of Welfare Square, and at the Dairy we explain the process of making, slicing and packaging the cheese. Well it was nearing the end of the day, and the workers were finishing up their cleaning processes. I pointed to a tray of excess cheese and asked, "So what do you think they do with that excess cheese? They give it to local food banks." Right on cue, a cheese worker took that tray and dumped all the cheese into the garbage! That's never happened! I was in a bit of shock. hahah I was just thinking... hmmm just a normal day in the life of Sister Steenhoek. I tried to redeem myself with the fact: In 2011, $167,000 worth of excess cheese was donated to local food banks, but I think that war was lost.
Also, in what other mission in the world can you dial a number and security will remove creepy people from your presence? There is this man who is a volunteer at Welfare Square who washes windows, and we thought he was caring a little too much about the windows (and maybe being kind of creepy) in the Welfare Square Visitor's Center. We felt kind of bad, but we hope he didn't get his feelings too hurt!
We found out who our new mission president is! He will be starting mid January. His name is David Poulsen, and he served as the Mission President for a South Africa mission. How cool! He also served in Hong Kong, and therefore speaks Mandarin.
Well I hope all is well!

Sister Steenhoek

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