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Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is excerpts from Angie's November 7th post -

This week was full of entertainment. Spiritual entertainment!
I took my first YSA FHE tour last night, and that was fun! I was pretty nervous to take 12 young single adults my age around, but I think it went well. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to teach them very much, but then I realized that the Spirit is the true teacher, and will testify to me what they need to hear individually.
I heard a new stereotype for Mormon girls the other day that I'd never heard of! We were talking with these 4 women, and afterwards, one of them said, "You are nothing like what people think Mormon missionaries are like." "And what is that?" "You know, long curly hair, serious facial expression." (Hmmmm..... can't say that I do...)
So Halloween here on Temple Square was great .We shut the Square down at 5pm, changed into our comfy clothes, had a baked potato bar, and watch the Chronicles of Narnia. So fun!!!

So it was my companion, Sister Thacker's birthday this past Sunday and it was the first day of snow as well!! So exciting and cute(: Of course we took pictures in the snow.
We taught a man name Beau Jory on the Square the other day. He is not a member, but is searching for something. We invited him to the Temple Square Mission Musical Fireside coming up this next Tuesday night in the Assembly Hall, and I think he will come. We will be singing lots of uplifting hymns and music that hopefully brings others closer to Christ, as well as strengthens their testimony in this gospel.
One of our recent converts texted us with big news the other day, and told us he would let us know what it was the next time we called him. He said, "I 'liked' the LDS page on facebook. It was a big step for me." Hahah I thought that was so cute! And I think that it is great that he was making that step for himself if it was important to him.
Hahah! One of our less-actives that we teach is just so funny. He is a total Californian with the lingo going on and everything. We asked him what he felt at sacrament meeting each sunday and he said, "when I go to the gym, I love talking with the buzzards, those old dudes that go and work out there. Its just like that good feeling I get when I go to church!" He just cracks me up.

Well that is all for now. I just have a few talks that if you get a chance, to look up:
~Absolute truth, I believe in like 1978 Sept? The quote by Joseph Smith talking about how the only way we will come to know God is if we get to know him in his own Sphere-Spiritually, NOT by the ways or knowledge of man.
~The Sustaining power of Faith in times of Uncertainty and Testing- didn't read it all, but it looked incredible
~as well as "facing the giants." It is a little video, not church oriented, but is SO powerful. It just tells how if you set a limit of what your best is, you will NEVER achieve anything greater. You don't know your best, but God does.

Hope all is well! Keep, the faith. When in doubt, forget yourself, and serve others.

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