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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letter from 22 September 2014

Hi family and friends! 

I am back on Temple Square, and it is great to be back! I am still ready to work hard and to do my best in the Lord's work. It was a great time being in Washington DC for these past 3 months, and I met and taught wonderful people. 

With Sister Taggart at the DC Temple

I will miss my former companion, Sister Taggart, but I know she will continue to be so wonderful with our investigators in Poolesville.
My new companion is Sister Stigsson. She is adorable! She is from Malmo, Sweden. 

Her and I both just returned from outbound, so we are pretty confused together! There are sooo many new sisters that we need to meet, but it is also so fun to meet them all. It's funny because you'll ask someone who their trainer is, and they'll be like, "this is my 3rd transfer..."

Just yesterday on Sunday, we had the great opportunity to see the rededication ceremony of the Ogden Utah temple yesterday. We watched it in the Theater of the Conference Center. It was so powerful and just reminded me why I am here: to help others have access to the blessings of the temple.

We talked to Armando, a Mexican from New Mexico! He was here for the Doterra convention and had heard quite a bit about our church. After a long while of him testifying of the Bible, he was caught off guard when we said, "We completely agree with you about the Bible! We read it too." We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it in one week and that we can call him next Sunday.
We had a secret agent/3rd Nephite member on our tour!!! He was incredible! And he spoke Swedish. Woah. We had a tough couple from England ask us probing questions that were not bringing the spirit into our tour/lesson. Although we could have answered the questions, it is always so wonderful having a member who understands missionary work join us on our tours. People who are not members of our church are able to see that it is not just missionaries talking the talk, but that people live this way and are very happy.
We had another Swedish miracle! We had a Swedish chat (which is so rare), and Daniel, the man on the chat, wants to go to church! We are teaching him over email currently.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Sister Steenhoek

PS - let me know how everything is going. I love love love emails and letters!
50 NW Temple Street
SLC Utah 84150

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