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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What a Week! Post from 29 September, 2014

To start off, my companion is so incredible. She has a heart of gold and is the sweetest thing! She testifies boldly to everyone we meet. We work pretty well together I think.

We had a wonderful week this week with quite a few lessons and many new investigators from the square! I think I am getting a lot better at finding people to teach from the square. We actually have to limit the number of chats and incoming calls that Sister Stigsson and I take because we have too many people to call and not enough time! Quite a good problem to have.
So when we had a shift in the Assembly Hall, I met a guy in his mid-20s named Harrison. He just moved down here a few weeks ago and is a heavy drinker. He is actually on a quest to find God, and through a series of events that occurred in SL and on Temple Square, he is pretty convinced that he exists. I told him about the Addiction Recovery Program and how he will be able to feel, not only rid from his addiction, but spiritually whole. Right afterwards (very conveniently) I ran into a regular that comes here often named Stan who had been through the Addiction Recovery Program and is now a coordinator. He will hopefully be able to take Harrison under his wing and get him started with that. The Church has so many resources to help others with many different problems.
General Conference is this weekend! It is so crazy how this is my last conference of my mission. It is a bitter-sweet thought. What do you think the talks will be focused on this conference? I love being on Temple Square for conference because we have many resources to use for teaching. For example, we use the tabernacle alot to talk about General Conference and why it is important to us to have a living prophet.
Speaking of the Tabernacle, I feel like many humorous things have taken place there. Just today, we were talking with a very argumentative man and his daughter when we are interrupted by a random lady singing on the stage of the tabernacle. Huh??? She just walked up and started singing. Another time this week, we took a tour with a non-member couple and a member that I think had special needs. We were in mid sentence with talking to our guests in the tabernacle, and next thing we know, we look over and the member is playing a harmonica to the tune of "Come, Come Ye Saints." I guess people just really want to test out the acoustics. The temptation is real everyone.
We had a wonderful tour with a bunch of Aussies the other day! I was conveniently on exchanges with an Aussie from Melbourne, so it helped out quite a bit. You could tell everyone felt the Holy Spirit and they also really enjoyed themselves. Just when the tour ended, two women walked up to us and asked if they could learn more about our beliefs. One of them, Laura, from Ireland/Long Island NY referred herself and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. We will be keeping in touch with her. Miracles!
For relief society this week, we had Micahel Otterson with the PR department of the Church come and speak to us. He talked to us about people asking questions. We get lots and lots of different questions here on Temple Square, so that isn't a surprise. But he said that real truth-seekers who ask questions are sincerely seeking knowledge, and that we are trying to find those who are sincere. Our time as missionaries is very limited, so it is important that we use it wisely!  One other thing he said was that you'll learn more about Jesus Christ by living his teachings than by studying any other literature.
So my siblings will appreciate this, but I was talking with a less-active the other day, and to describe his level of happiness, he said "I'm moon-walking in the Spirit." Well put.
To end my weekly email, my companion met these wonderful people! Antionette and Rita are a daughter and a mom, and we met them by the temple model. We asked them about their families, and the daughter replied, I am not happy if my family isn't happy. I couldn't imagine a heaven without my family. At this point in the conversation, you could imagine mine and Sister Stigsson's internal reaction. We were freaking out inside!! 

We taught them more about the temple and the sealing power that it has. The temple seals (or spiritually bonds) families together forever so that they will have be able to live with their families in a state of happiness forever. They willingly accepted an invitation to learn more and both accepted copies of the Book of Mormon.
I love the Gospel, and I love being a missionary. I love you all! Look forward to hearing from each of you.
Sister Steenhoek

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