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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Notes from 15 September 2014

Hi everyone! What an eventful week this past week.

Well we taught Paula, and let me just repeat my usual phrase attached
with her: I love her so much! She is a very blunt person, and she
always has an opinion (unlike us haha, maybe that's why we like her so
much!). This past week, we explained authority and the role of
prophets. This helped her to see the bigger picture of WHY this church
is the Lord's church in its fullness on the Earth. The exciting thing
was that she told us she will be baptized!! We haven't set a date yet,
and it'll probably be slow and steady with her, but we are so excited
for her.
We have an awesome girl that we are teaching that is around our age.
Her name is Madi, and she was a referral from an unknown source. She
is such a hard worker, and already sees the value in keeping the
commandments. She told us that she had quit drinking coffee when we
met with her the first time. She is also going to get Sundays off of
her job so that she can come to church. What tremendous faith she
We took Joyce Wu (our Chinese/Malaysian friend) to the Heartfelt
Japanese a Concert at the Visitors Center on Saturday evening. We
could tell that she really enjoyed herself! The concert was adorable.
The Japanese Choir of DC sang. Also, our Visitor's Center Director's
wife played the violin, and she is incredible! She had been in the
Utah Symphony for 50+ years!

I went to a departing dinner that was for all departing missionaries
at the mission home. 

It was fun to go, but it was also funny because
everyone was talking about their post-mission plans and I was like, "I
have 4ish months left on the mission still..." Haha but speaking of
that, I go back to SLC on Wednesday. My outbound went by so quickly! I
cannot believe it! I am going to miss Maryland. But now I have many
wonderful people to visit! Also, I can continue teaching my Maryland
investigators over the phone when I go back to Temple Square.
Way cool story. So last week, Sister Taggart and I were street
contacting when we came across a neighbor of a member of the church.
She wasn't afraid to talk with us and was so excited that she knew
someone who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints. I invited her to an event that occurred last night and told
her I was singing in it, and that she should come! At church I told
the member I had talked with her neighbor, and we were so SHOCKED when
we saw the member and her neighbor walk in to the visitors center last
night to attend the event!! Members have a huge impact on missionary
work. Even stating the fact that you are a member of the church goes a
long way and helps out the missionaries so much.
An Elder in our district is great at caricature drawings and actually
drew our whole district walking on water! We reenacted it, just
without the water part. Check it out below!
We went to the zoo today, and it was so neat looking at all of God's
creations. And on top of that, the cheetahs and elephants are just

I love you all!(:

Sister Steenhoek

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