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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beehive House & the Tabernacle

So. I have the best 'job' in the world. I get to make people smile. Hundreds of people each day, by bringing eternal happiness. I'm not talking about my previous job of working at Disney World, where I could make a child smile just for a small moment and then it would end, but I have the ability (Well, not me. Our Heavenly Father) to bring lots of smiles to people!
In fact, I keep seeing so many similarities from serving at Temple Square, and working at Disney World. For one, I have a castle to gaze at every day that just amazes me each time I see it (: And for another, lots of princesses walk in and out of the castle each day, only here they are brides. When I was at Disney, I would get so excited each time I saw a princess, but here, I get so excited each time I see an apostle (I saw Dallin H. Oaks the other day walking out of the Beehive House!!!). I meet people all over the world, I wear a uniform (a much prettier one), I wear a name tag that I am proud of-Angelique, Disney World, Where Dreams Come True; Sister Steenhoek, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- The second one is great if you ask me!
Well, this past week was super exciting. During our Pday last week we made a stop at Walmart, and it was 2 stories!! I mean I have never seen an escalator for my shopping cart, but I was sooo blown away. Craziness.
So things are going great at the wonderful Beehive House. My companion, Sister Thacker and I, are really getting the hang of applying doctrine and gospel principles to our tours, especially tying in the Book of Mormon. Something super exciting!! My companion and I gave away 2 Books of Mormon at the Beehive House!! It was amazing! So it was a Sunday afternnoon, right after we had gone to Music and the Spoken Word in the Tabernacle (which you can only go to if it is your first or last transfer of the mission- just once!). Our spirits were high, and therefore our tours were super great! The majority of our tours at this time of year are nonmembers, so it is interesting all the questions we get. I have learned SO much in the Beehive House these past 2 weeks though!
A few highlights of the week: we gave 3 Books of Mormon, we got quite a few referrals, we took a tour at Welfare Square, and we had our first zone conference.
So while we were in the teaching center (receiving calls and chats), I received this call fro mthe 18 year old boy who wanted to know why our religion is so different from other Christians. As the phonce call progressed, his friend got on the phone and it seemed like the call could get contentious, so we told them we were going to hang up because we are here to preach the word of Christ, not argue. Well I was super bummed about that because the first kid, Greg, really seemed like he could learn some great doctrine:/ It was just weighing on my mind wit heach of our calls. Well sure enough, my companion got a call from a kid who was trying to joke with us and asked about Polygamy. It was that kid! We explained that subject to him and got his information to call him later this week and teach about the peace that can come from the Atonement! Miracles do happen(:
I also had my first investigator lesson! So Elders serving in surrounding Salt Lake City missions have the ability to bring their investigators to Temple Square, and we tour them and their investigators. Well this particular family had 3 boys and a 12-yr old girl. The girl was interested in Japan (its important I promise). So as we were showwing the family around one of the Visitor's Centers, the kids just were not paying attention. Finally, my companion says, okay everyone, my companion is going to teach us a word in Japanese. (The night before I had welcomed home our Japanese roommate with the only Japanese word I know-walking dictionary) So of course, the girl says, oh, are you gonna teach us how to say Jesus Christ?? I thought, Oh boy. This.... is interesting. We finally got the attention of the family, and I said, ee-kee juh-bee-kee. My companion in a round-about way explained that Jesus was kind of like a walking dictionary. hahaha yeah Dad and family, I knew you would especially appreciate that moment!
Oh, so if you are not familiar with the different things the sisters do here on the Square when giving tours, I'll describe to you one thing we do. So when we get into the tabernacle, a big dome-like building used for General Conference starting in 1867, but also used for Mormon Tabernacle Choir performances, we an accoustical demonstration caleld a pin drop. This is where we drop small metal nails onto a piece of wood, and it echos throughout the large building. We heard that some sisters sing after the demonstration, so I sang "I need thee every hour" after I did the demonstration!! The accoustics are heavenly(: Best experience ever!
My companion and I also gave a tour to this German girl who was studying agriculture to be a sheep herder and a bee keeper. She was so cool! She knew Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, and French! My hero!! Well, after her tour, she asked for a Book of Mormon! We got her info so we can keep in touch, but I hope that all goes well with her in her search to find Christ.
I KNOW that miracles come after the trial of our faith. Test it out and see for yourself. It all starts with faith: reading the Book of Mormon to know of it's power and truth, praying to know if God is there, going to church to see if it will change your life, living the commandments of Jesus Christ, optimism. All if these things take faith. And it is by faith that we can know for ourselves. I know because I put forth that faith(:
Well, I hope all is well with my friends and family. Sisters keep coming up to me and tell me that different groups of people have looked for me. I'm sorry if I was somewhere else!
Why should we think to earn a great reward
If we now shun the fight?
Gird up your loins; fresh courage take.
Our God will never us forsake
Much love,
Sister Steenhoek

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