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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So lots has happened since last time I wrote! I have left the MTC, and I am now on the Square! It is great here. WHERE TO START?!?! Well for 1, I adored my MTC companions and district, and was sad to be leaving them, but I see my fellow sisters every day here. That is the joy of being on a 3-acre mission(:
As for my new companion, she is a cutie! Her name is Sister Thacker, and she is 5'0". The height difference kind of cracks me up. But it makes for great pictures! She is the sweetest. She is so patient and loving. What is amazing is that this is just her 3rd transfer, so we are both learning together! But she is so knowledgeable and I have lots and lots to learn from her. Here on the Square, we have something called explorer day. You get 8 hours altogether of time that you can spend basically exploring Salt Lake City, or at least Historic and Church sites. We have only used 4 hours of that. We rode the tour bus that goes around SLC that is opened on the top. I will be sending pics of that! We also watched the JS restoration movie. We will be taking a tour of the Humanitarian center and Welfare Square. I was told that they give us Creamery Chocolate milk at Welfare Square I believe, so uh. That sounds pretty great(:
My Zone's area is the Beehive House. I have given between 25-30 tours of that house in the past week. They are between 20-25 minute tours. You could say I have learned quite a bit about Brigham Young and the amazing person he is. I have gotten the oddest questions! Let me tell you! But what is neat is that I am not just a tour guide. My main purpose of being there is to be a missionary, so we get to testify with each tour we give about Jesus Christ, modern-day revelation, as well as the tremendous sacrifice the pioneers made to come here. Ask me any question about Brigham Young. Dare ya(;
Temple Square is not exactly how I thought it would be. Lots of tour buses pass by here, and the majority of the folks on those buses are pretty annoyed when missionaries come up to them because we think they are trying to sell them something. It reminds me of a regular mission. But all you can do is your best. I am trying real hard to adjust to mission life, and my companion and I are trying out different contacting tactics. All in all, things are great.I haven't given any tours of Temple Square itself yet, but I will quite soon! I have contacted on the Square ever since my first day here though.
My favorite part of the Square is definitely calls and chats from It is so fun, but so powerful. You would be surprised how much you can feel the Spirit of God just over a chat. People can really change by what you testify to them. But we also get lots of goobers on chat, but what do you expect??

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