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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Work is going Forward

Our calendar is booked with lessons to be taught over the phone this up-coming week. Super exciting!!! Something that I feel that people don't understand about us Temple Square Sisters is really how much missionary work we really do here. We explain to people different things that we do and lots of the time, members have no idea that we do exactly what proselyting missionaries do, just without the walking haha. We have our own investigators, our own less-actives, our own miracles, and we are actually the highest baptizing mission out there! Pretty neat(: The work is hard, but so rewarding.
Another miracle: As we were in the Assembly Hall, I saw this younger Chinese man, around my age or older, sitting down by himself. I went up and talked to him and asked him about himself. He is from China, just visiting SLC for a little bit, and was here out of curiosity. I asked him if he had any questions and we ended up talking about the 1st 3 lessons basically. He told me that he believes that there is a God, but that he is not allowed to openly proclaim it. He said he would watch the news sometimes, and a word would keep popping up in his head, "Mormon." He had to come to Salt Lake because he knew that this is where the Mormons are. He liked the Mormon religion because he knew we worked hard. I explained the Book of Mormon as well as the power of the Holy Ghost, and he asked where he could get a copy. My comp and I went and got him a Chinese copy, and he said, "I have seen the cover of this book in my dreams before." Amazing. We learned later that a sister from Latvia went up to him, and long story made shorter, he committed to watching General Conference!! We couldn't get his info because he lives in China, but we just pray for the day to come that China will open up. I have a feeling that boy will come unto Christ(:
About General Conference, all the Sisters here will be able to attend the Relief Society General broadcast this weekend, as well as 1 live session of General Conference in the Conference Center. We are apparently on the Square from 7 am to 10 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Fun, but SUPER BUSY.
So just an hour ago, my companion and I were talking with a man names Steve who is from England. We were talking about temples and baptisms for the dead when he told us his sister had died of Cancer pretty recently. He abruptly ended the conversation and walked away. My companion and I both looked at each other and she said, we need to go talk to him. We went up, and I bore my testimony about God answering prayers. He asked about Brigham Young, and I told him that he read the Book of Mormon for 2 years before deciding it was true, and then went on a 2 year mission to England. I related to him by letting him know my Grandmother passed away 2 years ago, but that I KNOW I will see her again, and that he will see his sister again too. We could tell he was deeply touched. We later found out that another set of Sisters talked with him and his brother's family, and his brother accepted the Book of Mormon. Steve told those sisters that if his brother converts, he will too. The church is SO true!!
I am way too blessed to be part of this work. The Lord is too good to me. My MTC teacher would always say that, and I totally know what she means. The Lord is just too good to me! I love being a part in the work, and I know that when you completely lose yourself in the service of others, you will forget about your cares. They will seem minute compared to those of others. Just try it out. Christ cares. Just act in faith and a sure knowledge will come to you.
Much love,

Sister Steenhoek

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