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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is great here!!

Oh, in the MTC, I have run into lots of people that I know, including Elder Logan Brinley from the Katy 3rd Ward, Elder Taylor Cole from the Thunder Mountain Ward in Arizona (which I'm gonna send a pic of), Elder Tyler Lee from my YSA ward in Orlando, 2 different missionaries from EFY, and many others! Super great stuff. I have a feeling that my adventures with friends hasn't ended at the MTC. My 2nd day on the square I ran into Aunt Cindy, Aunt Teresa, and Uncle Mark! So that was a lovely surprise!
I took a picture with Sister Ordonez, the Sister whose home ward is where Elder Jeremiah Steenhoek baptized Kenneth. So that is pretty neat!

Wow. The Square has such an amazing peace. It is great being able to walk in Prophet's footsteps, such as on the stage of the Tabernacle, where every prophet of the Restored Gospel (excluding Joseph Smith) has walked on. I just hope I can make a huge impact in the lives of many people that visit this wonderful place.
Conference is coming up, and we are all soooo excited! Hear you don't get any sleep as a missionary working conference, but it is work it with all the referrals you can get.
They have started putting up the Christmas lights in August! my companion and I are sooo excited for the Beginning of December when they turn them on.

There are about 190 Sisters serving on the Square right now. Including the sisters on outbound (we get to leave on a proselyting mission for 3 months) there are 240 of us.

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