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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Being Bold is God's Way

Something I have learned within the last week or so is to teach and contact in God's way. When it is God's way, he will have you do the work to initiate a conversation with someone, and then he will tell give you insight on what questions to ask so that it stretches them spiritually.
So cool experience that happened to us last P-day. We were in Walmart doing some grocery shopping when we were walking past a Hispanic man. He was staring at us, and we both thought, hmmm.... He then said, "Hey. Are you missionaries?" We said, "Yes! We are!" He told us his daughters are members, 16 yrs, and another teen, and the 16 yr old wants to serve a mission when she is older. We asked him what religion he is, and he told us he was Catholic because he has grown up Catholic. We flat out asked him why he wasn't a member. He chuckled and we said, "No. We're serious." Hahah Well. He told us that he has a terminal illness and was given 4-6 years to live. We told him that he could be sealed to his family and long story made shorter, we got his contact information and he's allowed us to call him! We are going to call him before transfers is over and teach him. He is sooo prepared and I know that his girls will appreciate him coming to the truth. God prepares people even just to go to Walmart!

We started teaching a woman named Joann this past week. When I called her to follow up on how the missionary visits were going from a few months ago, she said, "What took you so long?" She is this cute old lady who is quite lonely. When I had called, it seemed like she had just about given up with packing up her apartment because her left arm was hurting her and she wished she had friends to help her. I gave her the bishop's number, and she was so thrilled to find out that people would actually come help her pack up her apartment out of the goodness of their hearts, and not out of the depths of her wallet! She has now re-accepted visits from the local missionaries.

Sister McQueen, my roommate from New Zealand, is a Kung Fu master and was teaching us Kung Fu the other morning during exercise time. Family, just wait and see my skills.
We taught an investigator lesson the other day with Elders who had brought their less-active. The Elders said that was one of the best lessons they had taken! We focused on church and how  the ultimate goal for him was the temple.

So transfers!! And the fun has begun. As well as the eating of sugar. Sister Davis and I are on top of things with getting all of the pick ups and drop offs for airport runs coordinated and such. Apparently the missionary department had slipped up this transfer by sending emails out to those sisters going outbound. Well just to inform everyone, I will not be going outbound this coming transfer. But I have a hunch that I will be training a new bee in my fifth transfer. I hope so! I am soo excited! But in case I don't write next week because of P-day switches, I will let you know the next week what my fate is and how awesome my new companion will be.
Okay. funny story. So we had gone to AV training for the whole mission on just how to use all of the cool technological things in the theaters and such. Well there is this super cool presentation called "God's Plan for His Family," and it involves a movie broken up into multiple rooms for you to feel like you are actually a part of what this family is going through. Well Sister Davis and I were watching the presentation with just us two to test out what they told us about, and as we moved to this one room, we both suddenly got this creepy feeling that someone was in the darkened room behind us. I looked back, and sure enough, I saw a personage standing there in the darkness watching us! I said, "Someone's here!" And we booked it outta there faster than you can say Scram! We saw a Hispanic family waiting at the entrance of God's Plan so we are thinking it could have been one of the children checking out the rooms. But those two seconds of our lives definitely scarred us! I'm sure we also looked ridiculous running out of there, but you just never know!

Sad story. So we talked with Millie again today, and we ended up having to drop her. She doesn't see the point of Jesus Christ, and thinks that it is gruesome that Jesus' father would send him down and then have him crucified. We told her our purpose, but she is not willing to go to church or pray. Maybe in 6 months or so she will recognize the significance of it. Dropping people makes me so sad, but like I had mentioned in previous emails, we cannot change how prepared someone is, only God can do that.

Exciting story! Our member who lives in the Salt Lake Valley, Christian, was on Temple Square yesterday, and texted us to meet him. We ended up having an hour and a half lesson about going on a mission! He is 21 turning 22 soon, but we promised him blessings, told him not to fear, but to trust in the Lord, for he will help all those who do his will. We also told Christian that God is calling him right now to join his army. He accepted our commitment to serve a mission.

Well folks, the church is true! The book is blue! Make sure you read it.

Much love this Valentine's Day,

Sister Steenhoek

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