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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Sugar Fast is Done

Sister Davis and I broke our sugar fast this past Sunday! But we also ended it with some bad news. The night before, last Saturday, we got a text from Austin telling us that he was dropping us. It was a little shocking at first, but then it hit me. We cannot change the stage of preparedness or spirituality that someone may be in at the moment. We can invite, but if it is not their time, we need to trust in the Lord that we have done all that we can, and that Heavenly Father will provide a way for those people to hear the message when they are prepared. That wasn't the only good thing that came out of the sugar fast. As silly as it sounds, it helped me to realize that I can do so much more than I give myself credit for!

So one of my most favorite aspects of missionary work here on Temple Square is the chats. Favorite question of the week from chat: "What was the religion of Jesus Christ?" Favorite screen name from chat?- Nignog. Yep. I know. We were talking about marriage and family with another over chat, and they were stating their case that they should be able to marry whom ever they love, man or woman. My companion said aloud (not over chat): "God put Adam and Eve on the Earth, not Adam and Steve!" It was just a great moment.

We went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders the other day. I went with Sister Whisler from Austin Texas. We were planning our few hours together, and had planned to take a tour, and als ot otake someone through the presentation, "God's plan for his family." Right when we walked out of the South Visitor's center, we contacted these 2 women from San Antonio! It was funny because Sister Whisler's from Austin, I'm from Houston, and we just added to our Texas party! Right then, Sister Asay from Dallas walked by and gave me this smile and nod of understanding that only Texans would get. (: We showed the 2 women the Temple Model, and they loved the idea that families can be together forever. I love that too! We then took them through God's Plan, and we could tell that it touched them. We testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel and asked one of the women what she thought. The only thing she cannot accept is the fact that we have modern-day prophets on the Earth. We bore great testimony, but I think one of these days, she will want to investigate further.
After music and the spoken word this past Sunday, we have the opportunity to stand outside the Tabernacle and ask people if they would like a tour of Temple Square.

There are sisters from many countries speaking in their native tongue, letting people know that tours are available in numerous languages on Temple Square. It's always a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and introduce the Gospel to many!

Last P-day, Sister Davis and I went over to Sister Dizon and Sister Moran's place to watch Ephraim's rescue. It did have a few wonderful morals!  Brigham Young asked a group of men if they were ready to go give aid the the Martin and Willie handcart company. Men are letting Brigham Young know how many days it'll take them to be ready. Ephraim stands up and says, "I am ready now." I always want to let the Lord know that I am always ready for what assignment he has for me next.

Well I saw Sister McDonnell this past Saturday!!! All the Sisters that are going to any visitor's center come to Temple Square for 4 hours out of a night to experience what it is like interacting with people at a visitor's center. Sister McDonnell and I were roommates at BYU last winter, and were also roommates in Orlando when we worked at Disney World together! I wish her the best on her mission in Independence Missouri!

Well family, I hope all is well! Keep reading your scriptures! As it says in Moroni 7:33-37 (read it!) Miracles will come, but ONLY through our faith.
Sister Steenhoek

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