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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spanish is for Spanish Speakers

Woah! I feel like I haven't emailed in like weeks!! Oh wait just one second....Yep. That's it! It has been a super crazy past few weeks! I finally get to share(:

This is my 5th transfer!!! Insanity! I feel like I just got out into the field! So this transfer, I am training! And what a wonderful surprise, she is my first non-American companion! Not to say that Americans aren't awesome (because I'm awesome) but I was just so hoping for an international! Yay! Her name is Sister Cano from Peru. 

Angie's new companion from Peru, Sister Cano
She had learned English in the MTC and then came into the field! So I am in the process of figuring out the best way to both help her learn English, teach her all that she needs to know about Temple Square, and have balance in teaching. It is a process, but it is a process for all missions!
Hey! I'm not fleet anymore!!!!  

Something kinda funny that happened today: Sister Cano and I were in the Assembly Hall going over the information and practicing when a guy named Jason came over and sat down right next to us on the benches. He seemed a little not all there (maybe alcohol?), so I hinted to Sister Cano to teach. It was a perfect person to practice on! He was so incredibly excited to find out that the pillars weren't actually marble but are wood, etc. He told us he lives in a shelter, so he goes to church when he can. He told all the sisters who were in there that they were beautiful and left. A companionship walked in a few minutes later and told us a man in blue (Jason) was trying to collect all of the coins in the fountain of the Seagull Monument out front. Oh the characters that come onto Temple Square.

So my companion got transferred sooo many Spanish referrals. It looks like I will be learning some Spanish! Something I thought was just the cutest was when Sister Cano was first starting to meet the other sisters, she said, "Hi, I'm Sister Cano from Peru and I speak Spanish." How cute?! At random points of the day, I will remember words and phrases in Spanish and point them out. My companion is just so proud of me that I am getting in touch with my inner Peruvian.

I am so grateful to even be given an opportunity to do the Lord's work! I feel inadequate to be wearing our perfect older brother's name over my heart on my name tag each day, but I then remember that if we feel so inadequate that we cannot have faith in God to help us, that is also a form a pride; putting down God's power to help us grow. I know that God WILL guide us if we humble ourselves and have the faith.
We went to Music and the Spoken Word this past Sunday, and that was fun for Sister Cano to see for the first time!
My trainer got back from outbound! Sister Thacker!! Sister Shumway,Sister Thacker's trainer, just left the end of this past transfer, but she came back to meet my trainee and to take a 4-generation picture, which is such a rare occurrence by the way!
Random: I went on exchanges with Sister Talatoka from Fiji, and her job back at home was to take pictures for weddings that happen IN the ocean! She would wear scuba gear and take the pictures under the water. So neat!
Well I got a lovely surprise this week! I saw 2 of my Aunts (Teresa and Cindy) my cousins (Alexa, Taylor, Emma, and Hayley) and my siblings (Danny, Aubrey and Jordan) two days ago on Temple Square! 

Aubrey, Danny and Sister Steenhoek
We went to the garden restaurant and ate dinner! Afterwards I took them on a tour of Temple Square. It was so good to see everyone and to have a wonderful evening!

Well, stay healthy and read your scriptures every day! You have just committed to a servant of the Lord(:

Sister Steenhoek

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