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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Running into Apostles

We are currently teaching a 15-yr-old girl named Tiana. She is from Australia, but is living with her dad in New Zealand. Her parents are totally open to her learning more. We called her earlier this week and sent over the local missionaries and called her later this week and found out they have stopped by and taught her, and the Elders told Tiana they are going to bring the Sister missionaries with them next visit. She is so excited to attend church this sunday, and is even more excited to be baptized! My compy and I are just here for moral support. A cool thing about our mission is we not only make friends with sisters from around the world, but when they go home, they can be a member present over the phone for us, and even in person, depending on how close they live! I know this church is true(: God definitely provides ways for people to hear the truth!
So Danny. Danny is a truck driver who has a strong belief in God. Miraculously, we call him at the PERFECT times when he is NOT on the road. If that isn't the spirit guiding us, I am not sure what is. He is very humble, and is so willing to learn more about how he can come closer to Christ. Our next step with him is figuring out how he can go to church with his job limitations of driving on Sunday.
We went to Music and the Spoken Word this past Sunday, and it was wonderful, like always! I saw Lauren from CA! She was one of my Aunt Patty's young women! What a small world.
Today, I also saw Sister Miner and Hope Miner!! I just love them both! Hope had mentioned she wants to serve a mission in the future, and I fully support her(:

A Temple Square sighting by the Miners
We took QUITE a few interesting tours this past week: a group of folks from England who were doing a performance at BYU, 3 men from Israel but who are working in NYC, a few potential antis (it's still in questio nwhether they were or not), and a curious woman who didn't like the idea of the Priesthood only being held by men. Well, all people have their agency! After we do our part, it's time for them to do theirs!

So. Another adventure of the week. Our APs seemed to have misplaced their car in the Church Office Building garage. We, as the fleet coordinators, went on a hunt to find this lost car. Picutre this: we were driving around the CoB garage, both windows rolled down with Sister Davis' hand out of the window and the AP's car key hanging outside the window to see if we could hear the car beep, and suddenly we come to a stop. But of course! Who else to come walking in front of our car than Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder D. Todd Christofferson! Christofferson:Waving, Laughing at our baffled looks. Holland: Waving, "Good morning, Sisters!" Us: Dumbfounded, waving, "Goodmorning!" I think they would have laughed if only they knew just what we were doing. Well we went down to the 3rd level of the garage and found out it was parked in security's spot and that the car was moved to some dark corner of the garage. We found their car nonetheless!

Our somewhat eternal investigators, Millie and Josh, are totally progressing! Josh had just met with the missionaries 2 days ago, and left a message saying he wants to speak with us earlier than we had planned! And Millie is so excited to go to church! I hope they keep progressing!
Sister Davis and Sister Steenhoek in the Tabernacle on Temple Square this week.

So great news!! I finally got a hold of Ema, a less-active, homeless Korean woman I met at Welfare Square 2 transfers ago. We had sat down with her for 2 hours and taught her about faith, and how it is never too late to come back to church. We set goals with her, and one of her spiritual goals was that she wanted to keep in touch with her missionaries (us!). Well, i FINALLY got a hold of her last night and she has a job and is doing so much better! It is incredible to see how much Heavenly Father loves his children, and how generous he is for allowing us to feel just a small portion of love that he has for them. Ema is going to meet us on Temple Square next week so we can teach her more and get her going back to church!
Sister Steenhoek

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