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Saturday, June 21, 2014

26 May, 2014 - The Tabernacle

So cool moment of the week (amidst many). So on Temple Square, we have 3 organs, the Assembly Hall organ, the Tabernacle organ, and the Conference Center organ. People come to the Tabernacle quite often to practice on that organ. Well Sister Lopez and I were assigned at the tabernacle for an hour one morning, and when we walked in, the organist was playing the song from Pirates of the Caribbean! Dun Dun   duh duh dun dun     duh duh dun dun  duh duh duh duh. That one. Hahah It was the COOLEST thing!! Next on my list is hearing songs from Phantom of the Opera, as well as Go the Distance from Hercules.
We met this man in front of the South Visitor's center named AJ. He is from British Columbia, but is originally from India. When he was college-aged, he had an arranged marriage. He had been happily married for many years with 2 children. It is interesting to hear people and their own unique stories. He had many questions for us, about an hour worth of questions. So we got his contact information and we will continue to teach him over email.
While on exchanges, Sister Cuevas and I met a man named Richard. He had been on Heroine for 10 years amidst many other things. He was soo depressed. We wanted to show him a mormon message about the story of the currant bush called the Will of God. Well we went into a small video room, and it wasn't in there! He said he had only a few min before he had to go, so we just played a random mormon message entitled, "Trust in the Lord." It was about a mom who had twins but couldn't get pregnant for 7 years, and then she finally adopted a baby. It showed a picture of her and a baby, but then it flash-forwarded to the present time, and the baby had changed races! In the picture, it was white, and then in present time, it was black! And then the movie ended. And here is Richard, still sad about his situation. We tried our best to keep the Spirit while trying to figure how to bridge the movie. Man, we have gotten to be experts at connecting random subjects to the gospel.
Well, the church is true! Keep on keepin on(: More next week!
Sister Steenhoek
MoTAB was recording Handel's Messiah and the blankets were to muffle the echo for recording purposes.

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