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Saturday, June 21, 2014

9 June Post

WOW! So much going on! So to start off, we have a regular that comes to temple square every day or every few days. His name is Bob, and he is confined to an electric wheel chair. But don't let that statement fool you! It is a wheelchair that does tricks. I'll send you a picture from my 3rd transfer ith Bob looking like he's ready for the dentist. But anyways, today, Bob came into the South Visitor's Center, and Sister Lopez and I were at a desk. His wheelchair had made wrinkles in the carpet by the door. Being the jokester that he is, he said, "Do you know what they call me? Job security. They need to hire many people to fix what I make a mess of." Hahah we love Bob. He also sits next to us and greets all the Chinese and Taiwanese guests that we have by saying, "Ni Hao!"
Speaking of our wonderful Mandarin-speaking guests, they really have a thing for blonde hair. I was on exchanges with Sister Tsang from my district this past week, and we took 2 large group Mandarin tours. We were with 2 other sisters, and at the end, the guests all lined up in front of me and Sister Howard, the 2 blondes, and they took turns taking pictures with us haha. It happened again when we had an assignment in the Assembly Hall (historic Church building). A tour came in the front and stopped right there to one-by-one take pictures with me and Sister Lopez. A little bit overwhelming to say the least haha. Next time, I will charge money (: jk

Well this past week, a group of 10 of us had prepared about 6 hours to sing 2 different songs for the LDS Philanthropies Conference that they had this past Friday. The presiding bishopric of the church was at our second performance, and our mission president came to the first. The Spirit was SO strong, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. They invited us to the 26th floor of the Church Office Building, and we were able to eat the buffet lunch with them. What a treat! My bishop from Fall semester of 2012 work for LDS Philanthropies, so it was so wonderful to see him again! (Bishop Allen Moore)

In these past 2 days, we have given out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon. One of them went to a couple from the Netherlands! It has been my dream to teach people from the Netherlands sine that is where our ancestry comes from. And then we gave one to a French couple from Quebec, Canada. We will be keeping in contact with both couples via email.
For zone activity this evening, we will be having a crepe party and watching an LDS film, "One Good Man." I have never heard of it, but I am sure it will be wonderful!
So recently, I have been reading from the beginning of the Book of Mormon, and something I noticed was Nephi's conversion. It goes from him as a young boy praying to God to soften his heart, to being led be the Spirit of God to obtain the record of his family from Laban. If we trust in God's plan for us, as unexpected as it will be, we will be able to draw nearer to our Heavenly Father and trust in his timing.
Love you all!
Sister Steenhoek

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