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Monday, June 23, 2014

Outbound to Washington, D.C.

So we had our last Zone Training Meeting of the Transfer, and we were all assigned to read different talks on faith. My district leader shared some wonderful insight about the talk that she read. She really liked the line, "You get what you pay for." You know when you go to Walmart and you think you can get away with buying the Walmart brand of a product rather than just paying the full price for something of better quality? This is similar to how we live our lives. If we live our lives with half the effort, we will only see half of the success. Similar with the Gospel as well. If we only put in half of the effort, we won't see the miracles, neither will we be as happy as we could be.

So we went to Welfare Square to take a last-minute tour, but the last-minute tour was cancelled last-minute. Haha. But I had seen a service Elder that served at Welfare Square with me about 6 months ago while I was there, and he was so excited when he saw me because I was recognizable. Sister Lopez and I decided while we were there to take a picture with that service Elder along with those missionaries that were serving that night. I'll attach the picture we took! We also talked with a woman who had 12-14 children at home and was raising them all on her own. But she has around 7 returned missionaries already out of those. What a wonderful example of endurance and being a light for others.

We took this family from Mexico on a tour the other day after contacting them just a minute after they'd walked into Temple Square. The whole time we took them on a tour, the mother, Maria, was very excited about our church and the gospel, but the husband, Raoul, was not very excited to be there. We ended up getting their information, and we told them that we would love to teach the whole family over the phone. Sister Lopez will do a great job with following up with them(:

Yesterday, we contacted this woman by the Priesthood Statues. Deidra is from New York City, and is very much into maintaining the health of the body, as well as the theater arts. She works backstage at the Lincoln Center .HOW COOL. Anyways, we took her on a tour and gave her a Book of Mormon. I will be emailing her amidst many other investigators while I am outbound.

Speaking of outbound. I know where I am going! I found out last Thursday. And I am actually flying out tomorrow morning. Woah! I am going from one capitol to the other! I have been called to serve my outbound in the Washington DC North mission! First the church headquarters, now the country headquarters! On the 4th of July!! I think that will be a spectacular thing to witness. But I have heard much about that mission. And it seems like such a blast. So many different cultures, but also another aspect of missionary work!! I am soooo excited to have my own ward to work with, but also a little nervous. I also know that I am prepared to go at this time as well. I'll pack everything tonight and then be off on another adventure! I hear that I will also be travelling with the new missionaries coming from the MTC to that mission. I am the only Temple Square sister going there this transfer. I will write more next week! I love you all!!!

Sister Steenhoek

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  1. Steenhoeks My Daughter is Sister Bascom. DC North was my dd outbound assignment too. She is an ASL missionary and she got assigned to a deaf unit and was able to spend most of her out bound time using her language more.

    She LOVED her time there. Pres and Sis Cooke are delightful. DC offers so much for the missionaries lots of cultural experiences… The VC and temple in DC offer some amazing spiritual experiences too.

    Look fwd to reading her blog posts while she is there.