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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Marie Osmond - How are you today? - 16 June, 2014

Flowers on Temple Square

So we walked by the flag pole this morning, and because we have flag pole tours on the hour, there were lots of people waiting. We told them sisters would be there momentarily to take them on a tour, and we called the sisters in charge of tours. They told us to substitute for that tour because they weren't sure where the sisters were that usually that the 11am tour. It was about 30 non-members from all over. We took the group right in front of the reflection pool, and just as we were trying to close up the tour, Marie Osmond comes up from behind the tour and signals to us that a bride she was taking around for wedding pictures needs to take photos where we were standing. She seemed famous to me, but I wasn't sure if it was her...I was closing up the tour right then when she came up to the front of our tour and told me they needed to take pictures right there because they had time constraints with the temple. We moved our tour group over a couple of feet, but only half of them were facing us, and the other half were facing Marie and the bride and groom's photo session, some people saying, "Hey, I think I've seen her on some weight-loss commerical." Marie, although you distracted some potential investigators, I forgive you. (: 

We helped out with Youth Conference, and it was way fun! Wards come from all over the valley to spend a day on Temple Square. I felt like an EFY counselor for an hour. It was neat! It was especially cool to talk with youth about becoming a missionary, and how they can do missionary work right now. We did a role play with them where they could pretend to share the gospel with others. 

While we were in the North Visitor's Center, a family came in an entrance that had some steps going down. For some reason, there is no wheelchair ramp over there, so guests need to go back outside and go around. Well the father was in a wheelchair and said, "Say what?? I have to grow wings??" It was the funniest thing.
For Zone Activity last week, we watched, "One Good Man." It's an awesome church movie that accurately depicts the life of a bishop. If you haven't seen it, I think you should!

A 15 year-old girl came up to me today, and said, "I just thought I'd introduce myself since we're both tall. Her name was courtney, and she was from CA. She was a little over 5'11", and we were just talking about how cool it is to be tall. 

More next week! Read your scriptures every day!

Sister Steenhoek

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