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Saturday, June 21, 2014

May 19th Update

Hello! So Sister Lopez and I met a man in the tabernacle a few days ago who works for the Disney Trading Company in Hong Kong. It looks like he became a very successful businessman and he learned many Asian languages, but he had fallen away from the church a few years after his return from his mission to Taiwan. He studied too much about the doctrine of the church and has decided it is not perfect. These are the times that are most painful to watch when we bare testimony, but they need to use their agency to make the change.
Sister Sheri Dew came to visit our mission for relief society this past week! She is INCREDIBLE. I think she has been one of the top 3 most incredible speakers I have heard here on the mission. She talked about women and the priesthood and she gave us much insight to think about. Similar to Elder Oak's talk during the April 2014 Priesthood Session, she talked about the differences between the Keys of the priesthood, the authority, and the power of the priesthood. She told us how only a certain few in a ward (for example) hold keys in that ward. The bishop holds the keys of the priesthood for that ward. The leader of the priest quorum holds the keys to the priest quorum, and same with the Elder's quorum, deacon's quorum and teacher's quorum. She said when it comes to callings, we have authority of the priesthood that has been given to us by someone who has the keys of the priesthood. For example, my stake president gave me the authority to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ when he laid his hands upon my head. I do not have the priesthood, but I have the authority to preach. Now Elders have the priesthood, as well as the authority to perform ordinances such as baptism. But they need to act under the direction of their mission president (who holds the keys of the mission) before they are able to perform any baptism. Just some fun insight I have learned(: We talked with a guy going to London on his mission today, as well as a girl who is going to the Northern Ireland/Scotland mission. So neat!
People from the Dominican Republic talk so fast....SO fast! We have an investigator who lives in the DR, and I cannot pick out ANY words I know in Spanish when she talks haha but she is progressing well and has a baptismal date set up.
Oh, SO funny. So Sister Lopez and I have been together since last Wednesday. On Thursday, we were walking around on the Square, and we started talking with this homeless guy. He told us, "I can tell. You are going straight to heaven. Where the roads paved in gold are." Sister Lopez was in the middle of testifying about doctrine when he said, "Hey, are you related to George Lopez? You kinda look like him....I love that show of his...." Hahah I think the only thing that was the same was the last name.
We talked with a Christian man on the Square who was very skeptical to talk with us. He was asking some TOUGH questions, but the Spirit definitely helped answer them. Suddenly, his aggressive face turned into a smile. He told us, "Mm! We aren't all that different after all! You do believe in Jesus!" Although we weren't able to tell him of the entire truth, it felt so good knowing that he knows we believe in Christ. When Don R. Clark visited our mission December 10th of last year, he told us, "Don't you ever let someone walk away without letting them know that you believe in Jesus Christ." That was so powerful and has stuck with me ever since. He is coming to speak to our mission tomorrow, and I am anticipating the call to repentance! But I don't mind, it is always needed(:
This older man from El Salvador was talking to us with his wife. He said something so GREAT! "If you are a missionary, you need to be happy!" It was so simple, but so wonderful to hear.

Well friends and family, the work is still going. Don't miss your opportunity to help with the work of salvation. And like President Uchtdorf has said from this past General Conference, "Don't sleep through the Restoration." Be part of it and help the work move forward!
Sister Steenhoek

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